Swinefleet Parish Council News Updates

Swinefleet Land Charity Poster


Swinefleet Parish Council are delighted to announce that after successfully securing grant funding from the Twin Rivers Wind Farm Fund they were able to purchase and install a brand new bus shelter on Church Lane in front of the village hall.

Click here to view the new bus shelter


Swinefleet Parish Council would like to inform residents that they do not own nor maintain the landscaped area located on the river bank next to the warping drain (Clough bridge). The parish council do not receive any income from the owners to maintain this area either. We are aware that this area is now overgrown and ask that any complaints be directed to the Environment Agency who are aware of our concerns and will deal with complaints when received. The contact name and number for complaints is; Amy Porter 020 30253903 or email her at amy.porter@environment-agency.gov.uk


Swinefleet Parish council has been alerted to more dog fouling within the village and would like to remind dog owners that if your dog fouls in a public place then please be courteous and pick it up.


If you see dog fouling then please report via the link below. This will take you to the East Riding dog control page where you can report incidences of dog fouling and request cleansing of an area where dog fouling is present